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  • Jeanne Rosenmeier

(Un?)Healthy Martinez

Updated: Aug 1

Healthy Martinez is a group of residents advocating for better air quality for those living downwind of the Martinez Refinery. Since this episode was recorded, there was a third release of toxic dust (on July 29, 2023)

In this episode, we spend time with Heidi Taylor discussing recent releases of potentially toxic dust and the fight for both cleaner air and more transparency from the refinery.

The Contra Costa County Health Department has issued several reports and press releases aimed at reassuring the public that there is no "ongoing risk to public health" from the coke dust release, and that the release of heavy metal dust "did not increase risk of exposure to hazardous metals in local soil". I love government weasel words, don't you?

Health officials say no ongoing risk from Martinez refinery coke dust release

Health department says Martinez refinery delayed notification of 'coke dust' release by nearly two hours

You can also find a link to a map of affected areas on the Healthy Martinez website.

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