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  • Jeanne Rosenmeier

Rooftop Solar 2 - Net Energy Metering

The rooftop solar world is in flux. In our second episode on solar electric, we continue our conversation with Pat Villano and Amit Roy of Your Energy Solutions. The California Utilities Commission, (CPUC) is phasing out Net Energy Metering (NEM) 2.0 , and ushering in NEM 3.0. Thus, this is a critical moment to look at the concepts underlying NEM 3.0, as well as its probable effects.

And let's not forget the Inflation Reduction Act, which has extended the federal tax credit of 30% for installing solar through 2032! Finally, Pat and Amit explain how to right-size a system.

And tune in for our future episode on Contra Costa's community choice aggregation alternative, Marin Clean Energy.

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