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  • Jeanne Rosenmeier

Real, Live Beavers - and Dams

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

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We can't get enough of beavers! So we toured an active beaver colony - two colonies, actually - the Laurel Creek beavers.

Don't forget the Martinez Beaver Festival, June 24, at Susana Park in Martinez from 10-3.

Scroll down for more Laurel Creek beaver photos and videos, and info about the beaver festival.

Here's the map of our walk:

Here we are at the beginning of our tour, with the Gulf Dam pond behind:

The Gulf Dam:

Check out the beaver lodge. Not exactly the classic mid-pond mound of sticks, but they build what they like.

Some things we learned about beavers:

They move their dams around a lot, so in a place like Laurel Creek where they are active there are tons of dams, some of which are what they call "relic" dams, which are not maintained. And a fair number of dams were damaged by last winter's storms.

Virginia showing us how high the dam here used to be.

They make lots of helper dams, called secondary and tertiary dams, to slow down the water flow near their primary dam. The primary (big) dam is where they make their home.

This is a slideshow of some smaller dams we saw. Note the amazing greenery, even when the dams are no longer crisp. Some of the dams have a multitude of plants growing on them.

Cutting down big trees is not their favorite activity. They actually prefer to eat nice, soft willow branches.

We didn't see this guy, but Virginia sent the photo. Ain't they cute?

Adopt-a-Creek, Fairfield:

The Dickson Hill Dam:

And check out the slide:

Last but not least: THE LAUREL CREEK BEAVERS! (courtesy of Virginia)

By the way, they are mostly nocturnal; that's why we didn't see them.

And check out this great new sign, with info on the Laurel Creek beavers, constructed at the trailhead by Girl Scout Mia Henderson!

Join us at the Martinez Beaver Festival at Susana Park in Martinez, June 24 - this Saturday! from 10:00-3:00. We'll be there, so if you see a lady with a microphone, come say hi!

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