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  • Jeanne Rosenmeier

Martinez Beaver Festival - A Dam Good Party

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

One more beaver episode: we visit the Martinez Beaver Festival, and it was a blast! We talk to exhibitors, and catch the vibes.

Worth a dam - the sponsor of the event

Video highlights from the Worth a Dam website

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Plan your pollinator garden with!

Don't plant a pest! Go native!

Sorry for the abrupt cut-off of this video. Can you tell Jeanne took it, not Christy?

We're looking at a bat tail! Yolo Basin bat tours and talks

Native Bird Connection - working to protect raptors

Eurasian Eagle-Owl and

Swainson's Hawk

Save the Snakes - They deserve respect and appreciation.

And here's an interesting article on using the internet to save snakes.

Thank you to Amy Hall for the amazing chalk art!

And check out this great new sign, with info on the Laurel Creek beavers, constructed at the trailhead by Girl Scout Mia Henderson!

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Heidi Perryman
Heidi Perryman

I am so grateful for this episode! In 14 years I feel like the beaver festival is a play I work all year on producing and have never gotten to attend! Thank you being interested in beavers and urban wildlife!


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