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  • Jeanne Rosenmeier

Greenbelt Alliance launches Resilience Hotspots Project

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

How can we confront climate change right here in the Bay Area? Where to start?

The Greenbelt Alliance is tackling climate change head on in five local sites they are calling "resilience hotspots". We chat with Greenbelt Alliance's Sadie Wilson about how these places were chosen, what they mean by "resilience", and, well, . . . what's the plan?

In this episode, we especially focus in on the North Richmond hotspot. What's up there? What is a living levee? Who are the local partners? Where is the money coming from? And . . . what's the plan?

[Click on episodes tab to listen to the episode.]

Here are some of the folks working on the North Richmond plan:

And coming soon:

Join us on July 15, as we tour another hotspot, the Suisun Marsh, soon to be its own episode! Sign up on Greenbelt Alliance website, or through Eventbrite here.

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