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  • Jeanne Rosenmeier

All About Solar Electric

In this two-part series, we tackle rooftop solar. To learn more, we interview Pat Villano and Amit Roy of Your Energy Solutions (YES).

In the first episode, they dig into how photovoltaic panels work, how to get them and how many to get, financing options, tax benefits, how to find a good installer, and more.

If you want to see more on the evolution of the cost of solar power, check out the report on Sunshot 2030, a Obama-sponsored project aimed at reducing the per-kilowatt-hour cost of solar.

In the second episode, we discuss the fight over net metering. How do we encourage the installation of new solar without loading all the expenses of the transmission grid on people, such as renters, who can't do solar?

Remember you can have solar without installing panels on your roof by choosing to get your electricity from Marin Clean Energy (MCE), the Community Choice Aggregator for central Contra Costa. MCE offers three levels of clean energy: 60% renewable, 100% renewable, and 100% local solar. PG&E continues to operate the transmission lines and billing. Check your PG&E bill to make sure that you are signed up with MCE for green energy!

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