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  • Jeanne Rosenmeier


These amazing creatures were once rare; now they are showing up in creeks all over California. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife used to consider them invasive species; now, thanks to public pressure, it has established a Beaver Restoration Team.

Hear the story of the famous Martinez beavers, learn about their remarkable adaptability, and get ready for the next Beaver Festival. Keep your eyes peeled, because they are living amongst us!

Here's a pond leveler (beaver deceiver) in action:

And here's a beaver hanging out by a pond leveler.

Here's the website for the Alhambra Watershed Council:

Link to Ben Goldfarb's website:

Link to Martinez beavers and Worth a Dam:

June 24, 2023 - Come to the Beaver Festival!

Why beavers matter:

How beavers mitigate the effects of climate change:

News on California Beaver Restoration Team;

And last, but not least, beavers at work:

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